Just released my whole plexi glass series

the whole thing can be seen on my blog

This was for an assignment in my color photography class and this was my choppy and poorly put together artist statement

this is my home series aka the plexi glass series

“The word home is so malleable to me. It can change shape, morph into different places and states of mind. It’s too vulnerable to tack onto one single location. It’s too valuable to limit to a plot of land. Home isn’t a single space, because if it were I would be hard pressed to keep it occupied. I am sporadic, impulsive and spontaneous; I am always in motion and I need a compact home that can keep up with me, that goes through life with me. I need an idea, not a physical location. I need something impenetrable, stronger than any structure can be.
Therefore, I took “home is where the heart is” and created a visual metaphor using a sheet of Plexiglas lined with a wooden frame. The small frame represented the small space I keep around myself that I call home. More figurative than literal, it can withstand any storm or swell. The glass creates a barrier between the world and myself but still allows an audience to peer into my world. It represents safety with a dose of freedom. My home keeps me protected, it’s where I rest, where I love others and also miss them. I photographed my frame in different locations to show that I take home with me wherever I go, during positive and negative times. For me, home is everywhere at any time because home is buried deep inside me.”

Ryan built this beautiful frame for me and I carried it around in my car for weeks, I know this isn’t quite done yet, I’d like to continue to pursue it when I have more time (shooting while in school full time and working part time can be difficult) and more of an idea of what I want

but for now the finale is my favorite and I’d like to let it rest for a little while

The last one is just… hmm… breath taking

(via courageous)